MSE Annual Management Group Meeting

MSE Annual Face-to-Face Management Group Meeting, Kamuela, Hawaii, 9 December, 2019

Late last year the MSE Management Group convened for its annual face-to-face meeting, a one-day meeting in Waimea scheduled each year just prior to the annual in person CFHT Board Meeting.  The agenda included updates from the Project Office and was attended by representatives from MSE partners.  This annual meeting also marks the handoff of leadership: we sincerely thank Andrew Hopkins (Macquarie University, Australia) for chairing the MG for the past year and we look forward to Laura Ferrarese (National Research Council, Canada) leading this group throughout 2020.  The MSE Management Group will continue to meet approximately every other month throughout 2020, with meetings focused on progress on science and instrumentation development, discussion of collaboration policies, and partnership building.  For more information contact your Management Group representative or the Project Office.

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