First Annual MSE Science Team Meeting

First Annual MSE Science Team Meeting

The First Annual MSE Science Team Meeting was held at the Waikoloa Beach Marriott from 29 – 31 July 2015. Held at a propitious time, it was a very productive and interesting few days during which time valuable discussions and interactions took place that are critical for setting the baseline scope and requirements of the MSE Observatory that the team will work toward as we all move ahead together in this project.

MSE Project Scientist Alan McConnachie was particularly impressed by the strongly international attendance and the level of engagement of all the attendees in the important discussions that took place. “The science team have been crucial in developing MSE to the stage its now at, and there is no doubt that this strong focus on science is going to guide us forward and ensure that MSE is one of the most scientifically productive observatories ever built”.

Meeting presentations are available for download at The presentations from the Wednesday morning provide a concise summary of many of the main discussion points and a project status update. The team have now converged on the major science requirements of MSE, and have developed an observatory architecture that will deliver these capabilities. Next up on the technical side are the conceptual design studies that will be essential in shaping the design of all the major observatory subsystems, from the spectrographs, to the fiber positioners, fiber routing, M1, and many other components. After this successful science meeting, the focus for the science team will soon shift to the design of the MSE legacy surveys. This critically important task will no doubt be a major discussion area at next years Science Meeting.

We hope to see you there!


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