Science Advisory Group

The Science Advisory Group (SAG) is advisory to the Management Group, and is responsible for guiding all aspects of the scientific development of MSE. They are consulted by the Project Scientist on all major activities of the Science Team, and are able to comment on any science aspect of the Project.

The SAG is appointed by the Management Group. The terms of reference for the SAG can be found here.

Science Advisory Group Membership
MSE Project Scientist (Chair): Alan McConnachie, MSE Project Office,
MSE Project Manager: Rick Murowinski, MSE Project Office,
Australia: Aaron Robotham, University of Western Australia,
Canada: Sarah Gallagher, Western University,
Canada: Kim Venn, University of Victoria,
China: Zhao Gongbo, National Astronomical Observatory of China,
China: Peng Yingjie, Kavli Institute of Astronomy,
France: Nicolas Martin, Observatoire de Strasbourg,
France: Olivier Lefevre, Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille,
Hawaii: Ken Chambers, Institute for Astronomy,
Hawaii: Brent Tully, Institute for Astronomy,
India: Gajendra Pandey, Indian Institute for Astrophysics,
Spain: Arturo Manchado, Instituto de AstrofÍsica de Canarias,