Management Group

The Management Group represents all MSE partners and is responsible for all high-level decisions and the strategic direction of the Observatory. Their terms of reference are available (Management Group Terms of Reference).

The MSE Management Group appoints the MSE Science Advisory Group from which they solicit science guidance.

Members of the group are appointed for two years, and currently include:
▪ Australia - Andrew Hopkins,
▪ Canada - Greg Fahlman,
▪ Canada - Pat Hall (chair),
▪ China - Suijian Xue,
▪ China - Xuefei Gong
▪ France - Guy Perrin,
▪ France - Jean Gabriel Cuby,
▪ India - G.C. Anupama,
▪ UHawaii - Bob McLaren,
▪ UHawaii - Len Cowie.