The First MSE Engineering Workshop, 1-3 April in Nanjing China, was resounding success

Nanjing MSE Engineering Workshop

The globally distributed MSE Engineering Team met each other for the first time at the first MSE Engineering Workshop hosted by China’s National Institute for Astronomical Optical Technology (NIAOT) in Nanjing. The more than 30 meeting attendees included members traveling from Hawaii, Canada and France to discuss solutions to some of the complex challenges found in the draft MSE Science Requirements. NIAOT took the opportunity of this gathering to showcase their very impressive optical design and fabrication capability, along with China’s rich and long history of astronomy. The meeting highlighted the valuable experience China has accrued in design, operations and science through their LAMOST observatory. “It was a fascinating, and eye-opening, meeting for the participants here” said project manager Rick Murowinski. “A well organized and well run meeting, NIAOT has certainly set the bar very high for future MSE Engineering team meetings!”