MSE Collaboration Meeting 2016 - Madrid, April 2016

MSE Engineering and Science Collaboration Meeting

More than 40 members of the MSE international science, and engineering, teams met for the first integrated Engineering and Science collaboration meeting, in Madrid on 27-29 April. The Univesidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM) hosted a delightful event; one that provided a venue for a wholesome exchange over the science ambition versus the engineering realities of complex systems such as MSE, as well as many good opportunities in this classic city for team members to work out differences and see each others' points of view. Both Spanish and Australian teams demonstrated unique fiber positioning robotic technology, and the meeting grappled with the singularly difficult design issues surrounding the precision calibrations that will be needed for MSE science. MSE's Project Manager comments: "It was a thoroughly successful meeting, fully achieving its objectives, and was very enjoyable as well! Our Spanish partners are certainly bringing a wide range of skills to this project."