Agreement reached establishing India's first participation in the MSE Project

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An agreement was reached today establishing India’s first participation in the MSE project. A team from the Indian Institute for Astrophysics (IIA) and led by Dr. Gajendra Pandey will join the international group working on the MSE Foundation Documents: a set of documents that will establish the engineering goals and objectives of the MSE Project. India looks upon this participation, captured in an Expression of Interest signed by IIA Director Dr. P. Sreekumar, as a step toward formally joining Canada, China, France and Hawaii in the design phase of MSE in 2015. The agreement comes at the conclusion of a very productive visit by the MSE Project to the IIA, during which India was able to showcase some of the impressive industrial contributions they are preparing for the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) project. India Image “We are delighted by IIA’s decision to join us in this venture.” comments MSE Project Manager Rick Murowinski. “The very strong synergies between India’s science community and MSE’s science goals will make this a strong partnership working together seeking the same outcome. And with India’s technological development in their TMT work, well who wouldn’t court them as a partner today!?”

Dr Jayant Murthy, a senior scientist at IIA, was instrumental in establishing India’s participation in the MSE project. He comments “We are very interested in the science to come from MSE, and are enthusiastic about working with the MSE team in designing the observatories of the future.”