Operational Model

As a partner in MSE, astronomers can participate in defining, proposing, obtaining and analyzing multi-year, legacy datasets. These community-wide programs are expected to be solicited from the partners on a yearly or bi-yearly basis, with a handful of programs under observation at any time.

Smaller, strategic survey programs will also be solicited from partners more frequently, to occupy the remainder of available telescope time. With their more limited scope and shorter duration, these programs will take advantage of MSE’s unique capabilities, but without requiring the extensive multi-year allocations of the legacy surveys.

The combination of legacy and strategic programs ensures that MSE partners are always conducting leading edge science defined and led by astronomers in their research community.

A significant proprietary period on all data obtained by MSE prior to worldwide release will ensure the scientific results achieved by astronomers in the MSE partnership are, quite literally, years ahead of their colleagues elsewhere.